A Little More Appreciation


It has been a while since my initial post however I wanted to make sure I really knew what direction I wanted this blog post to go in, and for now I have made up my mind!

The entertainment industry is an amazing place! I have only been studying it for 6 months but have already fallen head over heels, it even makes the 9 hours of accounting I just did worth all the number crunching- now thats saying something. In my studies recently, we have been asked to focus on a particular area of the entertainment industry we enjoy and do some in-depth research and investigation. Mine of course was country music. I have always known that rural and isolated kids such as myself have always been lacking in certain opportunities be it academically or sporting wise, however I never really took notice to how little opportunities there are regarding the entertainment industry. I personally think this is pretty funny considering for the last 5 years I have known I wanted to be in the industry and I just accepted that I would have to move to Sydney and begin my career there. But why? With technology these days you would think that just as much can be achieved 3 hours away from our states capitol? Well actually……no.

I think its about time that everyone appreciated both the entertainment industry and the country lifestyle a little more, or at least thats what I’m going to do! So in saying that here’s the deal: Once a month (maybe more) I will be posting a blog about the Entertainment Industry, the Country Music Industry and of course the lifestyle. I will aim to have the next blog post up in the week to come so stay tuned. I have also created an ‘essentialcountryblog’ Instagram page so be sure to give that a follow and tag me in your country lifestyle or music pics.