Keeping It Country.


For those of you who have made it to my blog WELCOME! For those of you who haven’t… my condolences.

I myself am not one for New Years resolutions, however at the dawning of 2016 I did promise myself that this would be the year in which I would begin to establish myself in the Country music industry. So I’ve created this blog. Essentially I want a way in which I can note down my thoughts on all things Country and ‘blogging’ seems the way to go!

Currently studying a Bachelor of Entertainment Business Management in the heart of Sydney I have been able to view what it means to be ‘Country’ from a ‘city slickers’ point of view and in this blog I aim to collide the two. For now I’m investigating the who’s, the how’s, the when’s, the where’s, and the what’s of mostly country music but also fashion, lifestyle and anything else that I feel like having a rant about basically. So if this sounds like something that may interest you even slightly STAY TUNED, but if the answers a no….its been fun!

I will have my first offical blog post up in the next couple of days so look out! In the meantime to keep it country, above is a picture I took while sitting in a tractor.Enjoy.