A Farmers Wife

Now if you’re like me and love seeing beautiful rural landscapes, cute babies, and a few adorable dogs here and there, then you would definitely enjoy a good stalk of one of the best (in my opinion) up and coming Instagram pages.

Stephanie Willson is the creator of ‘A Farmers Wife’ and grew up in rural New South Wales in the small country town of Bigga, up the road from me actually!

Steph believes that ‘growing up on a farm gives you a deep appreciation for the land and things it can teach and offer you.’ When asked if she would ever leave the land she replies ‘I can only ever picture living in rural Australia. We (Steph and her husband Alex) both wish and hope that one day we will live on a farm and raise our children up there.’


(Picture above- Stephanie and her daughter Lara)

One of Steph’s favourites things about rural Australia is the sense of community, ‘the people generally all have strong family values and appreciate their friends, they also look out for one another, and whenever someone needs a helping hand its never too far away.’

At the ripe young age of 28, Steph has ticked off quite a few big milestones:

  • Completed a Diploma in Emergency Nursing
  • Graduated from University as a Registered Nurse
  • Married her now husband Alex with a gorgeous country wedding in the beautiful garden on her parents farm in Bigga
  • Have the most adorable little baby girl
  • And now following her passion -> Photography


(Stephanie and Alex on their wedding day)

Steph admits ‘Ive always loved photography, I was always the friend with the camera capturing moments. Ive also had a strong influence from my Mum and family members who have always had a camera in their hands for as long as I can remember. However it wasn’t until I became a mum and went on maternity leave that my passion for photography grew as I found myself capturing photos of my little girl, family and close friends.’

(Capturing beautiful moments during pregnancy and precious times as a young child grows is a favourite concept for ‘A Farmers Wife’)

@a_farmers_wife features a wide range of rural living photographs but I believe the standout photos and where Steph’s talent truely lies are the child portraits. One of most ‘melt your heart’ kind of subjects though is definitely Steph’s own daughter Lara Clare.  So its not a shock when Steph explains: ‘my favourite thing to photograph would have to be young children, especially around the infant to toddler age group, they have so much character and life. Knowing they’re only this little for a short period of time, I love being able to capture this for their parents so they can remember that age forever. I also love taking photos of animals and people in general, I love being able to form a connection with my subject and being able to show this in my photography.’

To help build skill and knowledge Steph has already taken part in photography courses and is currently studying online with a focus on portraits. Constantly on the internet she searches for advice and ideas from professionals, aiming to one day be at that level. Being so obvious that this is her passion I have no doubt she will be.

There is still plenty Steph would love to achieve for herself and her family. Steph and Alex are currently leasing 3000 acres which they are farming. ‘Kalaree Poll Merino Stud’ is currently running 200 stud ewes and 2500 commercial ewes, however the Wilson’s would love to one day expand their business and own their own farm.


In terms of photography experience Steph is hoping to one-day travel to and capture the centre of Australia and also Uluru, ‘I think the colour’s and scenery would be great to photograph’. Other desired travel destination also include Peru for the history and culture, Ireland for the rolling hills with stone fence lines and coastlines and finally Cappadocia, Turkey for the hot air balloons.

On a very exciting note Steph has made the decision to turn her passion and hobby into a business and is now taking bookings for family, children and baby portraits and weddings! So for more information or to book a session contact Steph:

Phone: 0409 915 812

Email: info@swphotography.com

Or check out her gorgeous Instagram page @a_farmers_wife_

I asked Steph where her favourite place is to photograph and she simply replied ‘to me the best backdrop is a good paddock’.



Week in the Life

Being on holidays for the last 4 weeks has been unreal! Lots of sleep ins, late nights and kilometres. I have been taking short videos over the last 4 months and looking through them I decided to gather them all and create a short video to really capture all the places I call home. 300-400kms between each certainly makes for plenty of hours behind the wheel but I love it and these short videos remind me why! Enjoy!


A Little More Appreciation


It has been a while since my initial post however I wanted to make sure I really knew what direction I wanted this blog post to go in, and for now I have made up my mind!

The entertainment industry is an amazing place! I have only been studying it for 6 months but have already fallen head over heels, it even makes the 9 hours of accounting I just did worth all the number crunching- now thats saying something. In my studies recently, we have been asked to focus on a particular area of the entertainment industry we enjoy and do some in-depth research and investigation. Mine of course was country music. I have always known that rural and isolated kids such as myself have always been lacking in certain opportunities be it academically or sporting wise, however I never really took notice to how little opportunities there are regarding the entertainment industry. I personally think this is pretty funny considering for the last 5 years I have known I wanted to be in the industry and I just accepted that I would have to move to Sydney and begin my career there. But why? With technology these days you would think that just as much can be achieved 3 hours away from our states capitol? Well actually……no.

I think its about time that everyone appreciated both the entertainment industry and the country lifestyle a little more, or at least thats what I’m going to do! So in saying that here’s the deal: Once a month (maybe more) I will be posting a blog about the Entertainment Industry, the Country Music Industry and of course the lifestyle. I will aim to have the next blog post up in the week to come so stay tuned. I have also created an ‘essentialcountryblog’ Instagram page so be sure to give that a follow and tag me in your country lifestyle or music pics.


Keeping It Country.


For those of you who have made it to my blog WELCOME! For those of you who haven’t… my condolences.

I myself am not one for New Years resolutions, however at the dawning of 2016 I did promise myself that this would be the year in which I would begin to establish myself in the Country music industry. So I’ve created this blog. Essentially I want a way in which I can note down my thoughts on all things Country and ‘blogging’ seems the way to go!

Currently studying a Bachelor of Entertainment Business Management in the heart of Sydney I have been able to view what it means to be ‘Country’ from a ‘city slickers’ point of view and in this blog I aim to collide the two. For now I’m investigating the who’s, the how’s, the when’s, the where’s, and the what’s of mostly country music but also fashion, lifestyle and anything else that I feel like having a rant about basically. So if this sounds like something that may interest you even slightly STAY TUNED, but if the answers a no….its been fun!

I will have my first offical blog post up in the next couple of days so look out! In the meantime to keep it country, above is a picture I took while sitting in a tractor.Enjoy.